Ocean Carriers

NCBFAASA partners with top tier ocean carriers to ensure our members are receiving quality service and multiple options for their cargo. We recognize not every container requires the fastest transit time. Our contracts provide the right balance of service routes that best fits the needs of our members.

Rate Management Program

NCBFAASA members have the option to access an extensive contract management and rate negotiation system via "CargoSphere". The system provides members with an innovative method to search carrier contract rates and request special bullet rates when competitive situations exist. The partnership, founded in 2002, continues to be a tremendous benefit for the association and our members. The pricing and system comes directly from CargoSphere.  We upload the NCBFAASA rates in the system, but we do not negotiate the cost to use CargoSphere. Members should contact CargoSphere directly for costing information.

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LTL Program

Landstar Global Logistics Inc. has been helping NCBFAASA members with their LTL needs for over 10 years. Landstar Global Logistics understands that not one single solution will work for 100% of our members.  They work with our members one-on-one to find the less-than-truckload (LTL) solution that best fits their supply chain needs. For more information, contact NCBFAASA's management team.